21/3---Contemporary Jazz

Song List



Birdland Joe Zawinul
Blues 15 Rich Clark
Buta Niku Dick Cunico
Canonical Rich Clark
Cosmopolitan Jewels Dick Cunico
Curlicue Dick Cunico
Dance of the Dolphins Rich Clark
Elated and Syncopated Dick Cunico
Fukiyama Dick Cunico
Funky Charlie Herman Beeftink
Fusion #1 Rik Hils
Heavenly Samba Dick Cunico
I Thought I Knew Rich Clark
Iki Masu Dick Cunico
In the Son-light Rich Clark
Intensity Dick Cunico
Katherine Jeff Lorber
Kundalini Rising Rich Clark
LIfe has a way of Rich Clark
Magic Lady Jeff Lorber
Matter of Time Dick Cunico
Mediterranean Exchange Dick Cunico
Mind Massage Dick Cunico
Monmouth college fight song Russ Ferrante
Noodles Dick Cunico
On to Divide Dick Cunico
Organized Chaos Dick Cunico
Palladium Wayne Shorter
Phantazia Dave Grusin
Red Lightning Rich Clark
Requim for Aldonza Rich Clark
Saint Fact Rich Clark
Seven is Heaven Dick Cunico
Shocking Stockings Herman Beeftink
Skippin' Dick Cunico
Somersaults Dick Cunico
Spain Chic Corea
Stargazer Dick Cunico
Suspension Dick Cunico
Take a funky 5 Dick Cunico
The One Step Chic Corea
The Stroll Dick Cunico
Well You Needn't Thelonius Monk
Wildlife Tony Williams
Wind in the Trees Rich Clark
You Call Me? Rich Clark
13 Rich Clark
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A Question of Time

Title Songwriter(s)
Dick Cunico
Mediterranean Exchange
Dick Cunico
Buta Niku
Dick Cunico
Saint Fact
Rich Clark
Dick Cunico
Life Has A Way of . . .
Rich Clark
Elated and Syncopated
Dick Cunico
Dick Cunico
Dick Cunico
I Thought I Knew
Rich Clark

MP3 Music Samples
21/3 (twenty one over three)
Buta Niku
I Thought I Knew
Why 21 over 3?
We liked it, there is power in numbers
1. 21 divided by 3 = 7 most every ones favorite number
2. 21/ divided by 3 = 7 one of our favorite time signatures
3. If you add 2 and 1 in the number 21 it = 3 as well as 3. Three is the most solid architectural bass number known for its’ stability. Such as a tripod.
4. 21 is the 7th number in the Fibonacci sequence. 3 is the third number in the Fibonacci sequence.
Fibonacci sequence = 1 1+1=2 2+1=3 3+2=5 5+3=8 8+5=13 13+8=21 21+13=34 34+21=55 55+34=89 89+55=144
so the numbers are 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 and so forth
These numbers are found within the building blocks of our universe.
Such as plants. All plants produce one of these numbers of leaves.
When these numbers are graphed, they will create a Fibonacci spiral which is mans closest estimate of a Golden mean spiral. Another common element found in nature. seashells, pine cones ect.
If you divide a Fibonacci number by the previous number in the sequence (144/89)it will equal 1.618 the phi ratio. Another building block in the universe. The Phi ratio can be found when the distance of one bone in the human or any animal is compared to the adjacent bone. Bones in an animals tail is a prime example. Also a human thigh to a shin.
5. There is power in numbers.
6. Numbers don’t lie
7. Music is numbers in motion.
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